I believe in myself

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Weght loss before and after!

weght loss before and after

I need this tonight. The neurologist diagnosed me with epilepsy. Apparently it’s an automatic thing after 2 seizures.

She is messing with my meds so no work until the end of October, and no driving for AT LEAST 6 months. So the gym is going to be my saving grace.

I may have fallen backwards a bit with everything that’s going on. But I have come so far. And I am already making better choices. We had dairy queen for supper. I had fries, but I got a piece of grilled chicken.

I will have a blizzard, but my nutrition the rest of the day has been great.
I am ok. Everything will be ok. I am in control of what I can be, and everything else will just happen as it does. I believe in myself.
Ps: see what I mean about the shirt being that awkward length.

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