I was going through my photos

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Weight easy loss

I was going through my photos!


It took me 7/8 months of struggle and suffering from binge eating disorder didn’t make it all any easier for me.

To be honest the first few months were basically a cycle of restricting, binging, and then using laxatives and doing cardio to ease off the guilt of binging. The slightest weight I lost by cardio and restricting I would gain back due to binging for a couple of days.

However, after discovering the healthy side of tumblr, I started lifting, eating moderately, realizing that I had a real disorder and that I’m not alone going through this unhealthy cycle.

Binging was hard to beat, and I confess I doubt that I have fully recovered, but the time span between my binging cycles has increased tremendously. Instead of binging every other day, I started binging every other week, and so on, and now I’ve been binge free for two months which I’m extremely proud of.

The second photo is of me during my graduation Summer’13. I was 72 kgs/157 lbs and I’m still making progress till this very day.

Lifting and healthy/moderate eating saved my life. They helped me learn to enjoy my life whilst working on reaching my goals, and I have never been happier nor more confident of my self and my body.

Note: My height is 176.5 cm in both photos.

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