Lots of treats but lots of healthy food!

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Lots of treats but lots of healthy food

Lots of treats but lots of healthy food!

I rambled on my story tonight about how I am truly feeling myself getting back to a place where I am mentally prepared and willing to put the work in to lean back out.

I was scrolling through my old insta posts and rather than feeling dread and disappointed in myself, I felt a sense of damn straight, I’m going to lean back out and look even better.
Last week was pretty good. Much more balanced. Lots of treats but lots of healthy food.

This week will be even more balanced. I am not looking to go into an extreme diet.

A small deficit to make sure I don’t comprise my health and the healing process I am going through, as well as making sure I don’t do any thing drastic which will damage the mental health aspect.
It can be a tough balancing act to get everything where you need it and want it to be.
I am damn proud of the work I have put in. I am proud of the stubbornness and determination, and positive outlook I have strived to show over this rough summer.

Things were not always good and I had more than one mental crash and nutrition crash. Working out comes easy for me. But I am truly starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.
So there we have it. My little to help me start this week off on a positive note.

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