Not just about the weightloss!

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not just about the weightloss

Not just about the weightloss!

Cue the cliché post about how it’s not just about the weightloss, it’s about finding myself, and feeling confident in my skin. Learning about self love.

And as true as all that is, I really just want to say hell yah I look good.
I’m so glad I’m back in a place where I am not looking at myself in total despair because I gained back some weight.

It’s been a rough summer for sure.
But now is my chance to get back to it. Now that I am feeling better(although truthfully I do still anticipate some pretty rough days, I still have some side effects, some worse than others) I can focus on being strong. Eating well and eating my treats when I want them rather than because I am emotionally out of control.

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