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How to Combine Pull-ups and Push-ups, Benefits Workouts

How to Combine Pull-ups and Push-ups Push up workout Pull-up workout Abdominal muscle training Each of them is very effective, but only when used together...

How to Do Classic Push-ups, Tips, Benefits

How to Do Classic Push-ups Classic push-ups are very effective and simple exercises that can be performed both in the gym and at home. During push-ups,...

The Best Top 4 Chest Exercises, Technical Perform Tutorial

My Best Top 4 Chest Exercises Let's look at 4 chest exercises to maximize the width and volume of the pectoral muscles. Content Chest muscle anatomy ...

How to Push ups from the floor exercises

Types of push-ups and results that can be achieved Push-ups from the floor - this is not only the classic exercise, familiar to us even...

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How I Weight Lost 10kg in 3 months – Personal Experience...

How I weight lost 10kg in 3 Months - Personal Experience Milk Tea Diet I followed the milk tea diet using fasting days. And I...