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✅ Do you want to learn how to build bigger arms? You’re not alone.

If you go to almost any gym, you will see people doing what seems like hundreds of sets of bicep curls. But how many of these people have impressive arms?


Push up triceps workout
Push up triceps workout

Chances are that very few people do. This is because of many different factors. Genetics play a huge role in how good your arms will look. 2 people can have the same amount of muscle mass but one of the could have better-looking arms because of his/her bone structure and muscle insertions.


Your muscle shape is largely determined by genetics. For example, you may want to have biceps like Arnold Schwarzenegger but if you don’t have the same bicep genetics,

We can’t change our genetics but most of us can get bigger and stronger. To do this you have to train smart using the most effective exercises.

TOP Secret wokout to Get Big Arm
TOP Secret wokout to Get Big Arm


🚨 Common Arm Training Mistakes

Most people will benefit from learning how to build bigger arms because don’t know how to train them correctly.

🚨 Wrong Exercises

There are so many exercises you can do for arms but not all of them have the same effect.

🚨 Too Many Exercises

You don’t need to do a lot of exercises for the arms. There are a handful of exercises which have been proven to be most effective.

🚨 Not Performing the Exercises Correctly

Arm training is pretty straightforward. Yet many people don’t perform them correctly.


cable rope overhead triceps extension
cable rope overhead triceps extension

🚨 Ineffective Training Program


Training and Exercising are not the same. An exercise is simply a physical activity done to get an immediate result such as burning calories, getting a pump, getting tired etc.

Training is a physical activity which is done with the intention to achieve a future goal.

With arm training, our goal is to build bigger and stronger arms. It doesn’t matter what the immediate result is as long as we keep progressing towards our goals.

A good training program is designed to help you progress towards your goals.

Think of your goal as the destination you set on a map.

The training program is like the directions that will get you to your destination.

Without a training program, you can still put in the work but you may or may not reach your destination.

workout for massive triceps
✅ workout for massive triceps

🚨 Arm Anatomy


When most people think of arms, they think of biceps first. The upper arm consists of the biceps, triceps, and shoulders.

These workouts will also train your chest and back muscles.

✅ Arm Workout 1

Exercise Reps Sets Target Muscles
Barbell Bench Press 4-6 3-4 Chest, Triceps & Front Delts
Dips 6-8 3-4 Chest, Triceps & Front Delts
Chest Flys 8-10 3 Chest and Front Delts
Tricep Pushdowns 10-12 3 Triceps isolation

✅ Arm Workout 2

Exercise Reps Sets Target Muscles
Pull-ups 4-6 3-4 Back and Biceps
Barbell Rows 6-8 3-4 Back, Biceps and Rear Delts
Seated Incline Bicep Curls 8-10 3-4-4 Biceps
Rear Delt Flys 10-12 3 Rear Deltoid

✅ Arm Workout 3

Exercise Reps Sets Target Muscles
Close Grip Bench Press 4-6 3-4 Triceps, chest and shoulders. More emphasis on Triceps
Barbell Overhead Press 6-8 3-4 Chest, Triceps & Front Delts
Standing Bicep Curls 8-10 3 Chest and Front Delts
Face Pulls 10-12 3 Rear Deltoids
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