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✅ Want to build a perfect men’s upper chest? Then perform high incline bench press with a barbell and dumbbells to build a larger chest to hold the glass for 6 weeks.


✅ Take the starting position – lying on the bench upside down. The angle of incline should be 15 – 20 degrees. If there is a leg support on the bench, fix the legs. The bar holds, as with high incline bench press, with a grip from above slightly wider than the width of the shoulders.


  • ✅ Take a breath. Lower the bar to the bottom of the chest.
  • ✅ Squeeze the bar perpendicular to the floor. Exhale;

🚨 The technique of doing press barbell is lying on an incline bench.

barbell is lying on an incline bench
barbell is lying on an incline bench


✅ This exercise develops the lower chest. It also stretches the middle part in the chest and connects the triceps to work, to a lesser extent, the front deltas. The developed lower section of the breast emphasizes the relief and gives more emphasis to the muscles of the breast due to its beautiful shape.

The opinions of experienced athletes on account of the necessity of the bar press on the bench with a slope diverge. Some believe that this exercise must necessarily be included in the program of development of pectoral muscles, the second believe that the exercise can be included temporarily and only in order to make variety in training. You can say that everyone makes a choice himself, but to know about this exercise and its features will not be superfluous.

From other bench exercises on a horizontal bench or on a bench with a slope, this is distinguished by a negative angle of inclination (bias) of the bench. Angle of slope is not as great as when high incline bench press on an incline bench and does not exceed 20 degrees. If the bench has an emphasis for the legs, then you can tilt the bench by 20-25%. If there is no abutment and the legs are on the floor, then the angle of incline will be less. With a large bias, the body can slip down, which is absolutely unacceptable.


bench press and barbells
bench press and barbells

🚨 Differences between high incline bench press and barbells

The dumbbel high inclinel bench press is the basic exercise in bodybuilding and powerlifting. It is part of the power triathlon. To increase the results in exercises with a barbell (for example, in clusters with a bar), the athlete performs a dumbbell press up. There are several differences in working with these sports equipment. There are also a number of advantages of training with dumbbells:


  • ✅ Security. Exercise with the bar in the empty room is not safe. A heavy projectile can simply pin down the athlete. If you exercise without a partner or coach, and are not confident in your abilities – then use dumbbells. They can easily be lowered down, without getting injured.
  • ✅ Range of movements. While working with a barbell athlete is limited to a clear trajectory of movement. The neck joins two hands. Thus, the athlete can not increase the amplitude of the performance of the set. When working with a bar, pectoral muscles will not receive the proper load. Performing exercises with dumbbells, you increase the mobility of the joints. These movements are considered more natural for the bodybuilders body.
  • ✅ The ability to improve coordination of movements. Since the athlete will need to perform exercises immediately with two sports equipment, he can quickly and effectively improve the neuromuscular connection in the human body. The athlete will improve the state of coordination of movements. This skill will help in everyday life.
  • ✅ Independence. The opportunity to work two hands in turn. This feature of press dumbbells up is very relevant for athletes after injury. Additional stress on the target area will help to eliminate imbalance in the development of different thoracic departments. During the high incline bench press, the main work will be performed only by a strong hand. Using dumbbells, the bodybuilder equally immerses the right and left parts of the body. Thus, it is possible to quickly eliminate the imbalance in force indicators, as well as in the proportions of the athlete’s figure.
Differences between bench press
Differences between bench press


  • ✅ Versatility. With the help of dumbbells, a bodybuilder can pump all muscle groups in the body. It’s safe to work with this sports equipment, and also very comfortable. The athlete is available a huge number of both basic and isolation movements.
  • ✅ The ability to use the projectile in different conditions. Dumbbells are small-sized sports equipment that take up little space. They are very easy to store at home. You can also take this projectile with you during long trips by car. Thus, you can always effectively maintain the state of your physical form.


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