Before and after weight loss pictures

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before and after weight loss !

before and after weight loss pictures

Since it is transformation tuesday and in light of it almost being that time of year where everyone makes their new years resolution, and lately it has been to physically change, i thought i would share a transformation photo of mine own. On the left is when i made one of my many many new years resolutions and took one of many photos of a body I was so ashamed of, wishing for change.

And you know what.. that year I did just that! Not only did I wish for change but I went after everything in my power to do just that. To change and improve who I was as a person, inside and out.

Don’t get me wrong the past 3 year have been everything but rainbows and butterflies. No life will ever be that simple but that’s just what makes life life. From 310+lbs to 183lbs to now 240lbs I can stand here today in confidence and say I made it through and I will keep going because from this point on i will never be quite satisfied💁 there is always more room for that extra challenge.

All i really want to say i guess is don’t wait until January 1st to conquer your wishes and dreams, start now, start in a few hours, start 2 hours ago. Just start! Don’t keep pushing it off🙆💜 With that being said… make sure you are doing with every it may be for no one but yourself. Do it because you WANT to do it!
I am all about encouraging people to go for their dreams and never back down no matter what the circumstances may be, striving to inspire and motivate as many people as I can, even if it may just be one person. That is what I truly enjoy doing. Making that little bit of difference in one’s life💜 Always stay positive and fight to put a smile on your face even if it may be the hardest thing you do all day!

Don’t ever stop trying, givin up will only result in disappointing yourself and nobody wants to feel that way over and over again💛 if need be, I will always be here for anyone and everyone no matter what the case may be just dm me, I gotchu😊

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