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🔥 The Best Science-Based Back Workout for Growth 👇 

✅ Pull-Ups

To get the most out of the exercise, follow these guidelines:

  • Do not swing the hull / legsbut perform lifting / lowering smoothly in one plane;
  • During ascent / loweringthe upper part of the trunk and forearm should not move;
  • During pullupskeep your elbows always under the crossbar;
  • At the lowest point of the trajectorystraighten your arms completelystretching out the widest;
  • In the upper pointadditionally compress the muscles of the back;
  • Use the full range of motion;
  • Numerical parameters of the training: the number of approaches 3-5, repetitions 10-15.
Deadlifts OR Rack Pulls
✅ Deadlifts OR Rack Pulls

Tips for doing deadlift

  1. Deadlift on straight legs is an extremely effective basic exercise. However, improper execution of it is fraught with serious back injuries.
  2. Never execute it with the maximum weights, and when working with small weight ones, do not make approaches until “failure.” When working “on failure” you imperceptibly overload the small muscles, and this is very risky. In this exercise, the pursuit of weights will not add results.
  3. Do not round your back muscles, if you can not keep your back in the right position, you need to lower your working weight. Otherwise, you will transfer work from the back of the hip to the lower back, risking damage to the intervertebral discs.
structure of the muscles of the back
✅ structure of the muscles of the back

🔥 Chest-Supported Rows

✅Chest-Supported Rows
✅Chest-Supported Rows
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