before and after pictures

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Every single day I wake up, I get to be reminded of how strong I truly am.

To say going through cancer is a regret would be a lie. The only thing I regret about this, was not sharing it more with the world WHILE I WAS ILL.

However, I can’t imagine how my life would be if I never grew through this experience. It taught me to not take life for granted, to appreciate everything that I have, to be present in the moments and memories I get to make. Instead of saying why me, sometimes we have to ask ourselves, why NOT me. God never gives his soldiers things we can’t handle, and almost 4 years later.

I am living proof of just that 🙌🏽 people ask me why I’m able to keep going, or not stay down when life happens, and this photo is just a GLIMPSE of why I don’t get to quit 💕 As I always say, cancer saved my life ❤️ TAG someone you feel would be inspired or need some positive energy.

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