Before and After – Weight Loss

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My weight loss story

These photos are exactly a year apart, the one on the left taken 17th October 2015 and the one on the right taken 5 minutes ago after my weight loss story.

My weight loss story
before and after weight loss

Today I weigh 3 stone and 13lb less than I did a year ago. Last year I was living in Australia, au pairing for a (not very nice) little girl, who would often ask me why I was so fat.

I laughed it off but it did really hurt. Kids are far more honest than adults and like many other overweight people, I was totally ignoring how fat I had become.

I barely looked in the mirror and when I did I somehow tricked myself into seeing someone slimmer, always thought I was on the smaller side of overweight, constantly compared myself to other fat people on the street, surely I wasn’t that big?

I never let anyone take photos of me and seeing this photo that was taken without me knowing really shocked me. There was no denying how overweight I was. I’m glad now I have this photo because it’s so helpful for me to be able to put these side by side. I still have a way to go but it’s not as far as I’ve come.

Diet for Weight Loss

You need to keep to a certain diet during exercise is a key factor in weight loss. All efforts will be futile if you take in excess calories (especially from inappropriate sources such as sugar). Use the calculator to determine your daily calorie and macronutrient intake:

  • In addition to a calorie deficiency, a fat burning regime must meet the following requirements:
  • High protein content (2-4 g per kg of body weight);
  • Small or temperate amounts of carbohydrates (small on rest days, temperate on training days);
  • High content of essential fatty acids omega 3-6;
  • As little sugar as possible, no eat carbohydrates after 18:00.

Three day classic workout

  1. Monday 1: Upper Body Workout;
  2. Wednesday 1: Lower Body Workout;
  3. Friday 1: Upper Body Workout.

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