before and after weight loss


These photos are exactly a year apart, the one on the left taken 17th October 2015 and the one on the right taken 5 minutes ago.

before and after weight loss

Today I weigh 3 stone and 13lb less than I did a year ago. Last year I was living in Australia, au pairing for a (not very nice) little girl, who would often ask me why I was so fat.

I laughed it off but it did really hurt. Kids are far more honest than adults and like many other overweight people, I was totally ignoring how fat I had become.

I barely looked in the mirror and when I did I somehow tricked myself into seeing someone slimmer, always thought I was on the smaller side of overweight, constantly compared myself to other fat people on the street, surely I wasn’t that big?

I never let anyone take photos of me and seeing this photo that was taken without me knowing really shocked me. There was no denying how overweight I was. I’m glad now I have this photo because it’s so helpful for me to be able to put these side by side. I still have a way to go but it’s not as far as I’ve come.

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