Before and After

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Stop dieting. Stop making yourself miserable. Stop beating yourself up for overeating. Stop counting calories. Stop hating your body. Stop giving up.  I fell into this vicious circle and developed a binge eating disorder.

When I changed my goal from getting skinny to getting healthy, I truly began loving myself again and treating my body with respect and kindness. I deleted my fitness pal app and went old school with a notebook to log what I eat, how I was feeling when I ate it, my exercises, and how many hours of sleep I get. That alone got my brain out of the mindset of either eating “perfectly”, which meant depriving and restricting myself, or saying “f it” and calling it a binge day and consuming an overwhelming amount of calories. I started becoming very mindful of not just what/when I ate, but of my feelings and what emotions triggers my urge to overeat or eat really unhealthy. I realized that those feelings are inevitable and using food to temporarily ease the discomfort was only hurting my self and making me deeply depressed.  It’s been a constant battle with this eating disorder and it might always will be, but when you never give up and wake up in the morning thanking god for giving you another chance, another day, to better yourself, that’s when you’ll start noticing a difference in yourself.

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