🔥Bench Press Setup 

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🚨 Bench Press Setup 

✅ Let me lead in with this. THIS post is NOT for the well conditioned or powerlifting athletes. This is for the newbies like myself that are JUST starting out in the gym

Bench Press Setup 
Bench Press Setup


With that being said this setup will keep you safe and help you to target the intended muscles of the chest

To start:

  • ✅Hands slightly outside shoulder width grip making sure your forearms are in a vertical line
  • ✅keep your hips firmly placed on the bench with a slight arch in the lower back
  • ✅feet flat on the ground
  • ✅shoulders locked downward
  • ✅Head flat on bench.


Push Day Cheat Sheet
Push Day Cheat Sheet

✅ Top: So if you look at this photo: on the incline in order to target the chest in its proper sequence the position has to change slightly to accommodate. This is due to its shape and fiber direction. This is imperative to understand to keep you safe and effective


✅ The middle photo is more straight forward as only horizontal adduction if the arm is necessary, the middle of the chest is recruited

✅ Bottom: Now, that isn’t to say that doing decline isn’t appropriate for people, it just literally shuts off the upper pec when recruiting for decline. As the anatomy is broken down there is very little upper chest fiber recruitment in a decline press, but it is easier for people to decline due to several reasons: recruitment of the powerful and smaller pec minor, the smaller range of motion required to complete a rep, and a mechanical advantage (read: potential for injury) of the rotator cuff


Bench Press - Bar Positioning
✅ Bench Press – Bar Positioning
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