My Best diet for Weight Loss | Losing Weight Story

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My Best diet for Weight Loss

I want to share my best diet for weight loss, how I came to this and what results I could get in just half a year.

My Best diet for Weight Loss
Story My Best diet for Weight Loss

My Weight Loss Story


I Have been overweight all my life. I’ve also been on diets all my life, and always looking for the best diet for weight loss. You name it, I did it. Then I ended up giving up on losing weight, I became comfortable being that fat girl with the cute face but when I gained my last 20 pounds and I wasn’t able to enjoy the little things in life like taking my son to six flags. Because I simply couldn’t fit in the rides. Go to the movies without my thighs and butt hurting. Having to buy two seats on a plane so I didn’t squish the passenger next to me … And the list goes on and on.

I decided it was time to change, and I found the best diet for weight loss that could shift my weight. I began to lose weight I decided that my life was worth more than just waiting for change and being fat.

That I wanted to enjoy my life and not pretend like I was that happy confident fat girl. So after drastic changes and working out 4 to 5 times a week, I have now lost a total of 170 pounds.

It’s an everyday battle but it is so worth it. Physically I feel much better but psychologically I still have a lot of work to do. It’s not easy … Not saying it is but if you truly want it is worth every tear you will cry, every drop of sweat you will shed because you will have your life back and that is the best gift you could ever give yourself.

Now let me share with you my best diet that helped me lose -170 pounds in just half a year.

Diet for Weight Loss

I followed the unloading diet on:

  • Sour-milk skim products – 1 liter per day.
  • Freshly squeezed juices – 1.5 liters per day.
  • Fruit – 1 kg during the day.
  • Vegetables – 1 kg per day.

Feeling the already forgotten lightness in my body, I added physical activity, namely, body flexing every other day for 25 minutes. The exercises were performed in one breath, and the state of health improved every day.

I really liked that thanks to the exercises, the figure was noticeably tightened and the flabbiness of the skin disappeared. As a result, in the first month I lost 12 kg, and in the second – the remaining 10 kg. The result exceeded all my wildest expectations.

The figure has become almost model!

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If someone wants to use the best diet weight loss using a system of fasting days, then I would like to give effective advice:

  1. Start losing weight with 1 unloading per week.
  2. Alternate menu of fasting days.
  3. In case of an aggravated feeling of hunger, drink a glass of cold water.
  4. Include classes with any set of physical exercises.
  5. And the most important thing is not to deviate from the intended path!
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