The Best way to Gain Muscle, Real Story, 5 Best Diet Tips

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This Guy Changed Himself in 5 Years, the best way to gain muscle!

Today we will tell you The Best Way to Gain Muscle.

The Best way to Gain Muscle
The Best Way to Gain Muscle


The basic principle of the best way to gain mass is a calorie surplus, that is, you must eat more than you burn.

But here it is important to take into account that the greater the surplus, the more you store fat mass, therefore it is recommended to increase the daily calorie content by no more than 500 of your norm (the norm must be calculated).

In addition to the calorie content itself, it is necessary to monitor the proportion of the balance of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.

It is important to gain the required calorie intake not only from fats and carbohydrates.

The best way to gain muscle mass

It is recommended to stick to the following scheme for a better weight gain path:

  1. 1.5-2 g of protein per 1 kg of body weight;
  2. 1.2-1.5 g of fat per 1 kg of body weight;
  3. 5-6g carbohydrates per kg of body weight.

But don’t forget about training. The resulting surplus of nutrients and energy must be converted into work in the gym and building muscle mass.

Many people recommend sticking to so-called “basic” strength-style exercises and keeping cardio to a minimum. But this is a more so-called “old school”.

When building a training scheme, it is important to rely only on your individual characteristics and select the most effective exercises and cardio workouts for you. A qualified trainer will help you with this.

As for cardio, you can do it as much as you like, because cardio itself does not affect muscle loss or inhibit muscle growth. It is important for you to consider cardio training (and indeed all your activity) when calculating the calorie intake in order to burn more calories than you consume per day.

The 5 Best Tips for Gaining Muscle Mass


If you are thin and have difficulty gain muscle mass, you should eat at least 2 grams of protein per pound of body weight per day.

The main protein products for the best way to gain mass:

Cottage cheese – preferably low-fat (no more than 3% fat) it contains more proteins.
Eggs – from 3 to 10 eggs per day, 2-3 yolks, the rest is only proteins.

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1. Power work with progressive loads

With a regular and even increase in loads, muscles, of course, begin to develop in terms of increase. The body quickly gets used to the loads and each time they need to be increased, but do it gradually. For those who want to grow biceps, an increase in working weight with each workout is a must.

2. Proper nutrition

To gain muscle growth, you definitely need to eat a lot. With regular exercise, the destruction of muscle fibers begins, after which they are replaced and new growth. In this case, the main ingredient is protein. It can be found in foods with high protein capacity:

  • in chicken meat;
  • eggs;
  • meat steak;
  • cheeses (cottage cheese);
  • seafood and fish (salmon, tuna, shrimp);
  • nuts;
  • sunflower seeds;

You can also use sports nutrition and buy pure protein powder to serve as an artificial substitute.

3. Water balance

You should definitely drink at least 12 full glasses of liquid per day. In winter, the amount of water decreases slightly, but in summer its use should be increased. Also, eat protein shakes.

4. Adequate sleep

In order to gain muscle mass to grow quickly and correctly, for this, you need not only to swing but also to get enough sleep. In this case:

  1. The maximum release of growth hormones occurs in deep sleep;
  2. Slower metabolism leads to muscle growth;
  3. Blood flow to muscles becomes stronger;
  4. Minimum cardio training.


Don’t be surprised if your muscle mass grows more slowly due to the fact that you train your cardiovascular system. Cardio exercises can only be performed by those who wish to burn fat, and then only after basic exercises and for a maximum of 20 minutes. If you overdo it, catabolic hormones will begin to be produced, provoking the destruction of muscle tissue.

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