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🏋🏻Today I will be outlining the exercises you should be including when working on your back. Again, there are plenty of other exercises you could use, these are my favourite exercises I like to use for myself and my clients.

1️⃣Chin Ups and Pull Ups
Whether you do these exercises with assistance, body weight or add extra weight there should never be a gym program that doesn’t include them. The chin up is great for also including your biceps, and the pull up is great for building that swimmer V-Shape.

2️⃣Body Weight Rows
I love to perform this exercise on a TRX as it requires much more stabilisation through your shoulder joints, making it much more effective. However, this can also be done on a bar if you don’t have access to a TRX or Rings.

3️⃣Seated Row
Truth be told, I actually prefer the DB 1 Arm Row, however, 90% of people perform this exercise wrong and so the next best exercise is the seated row. Being a machine based exercise it will help to keep your form on point and hitting all those back and shoulder muscles correctly.

4️⃣DB Reverse Flyes
There are soo many variations of this exercise and they are all effective in hitting your accessory back muscles. I personally love this variation as your chest is supported meaning the chances of hurting your lower back are drastically reduced.

5️⃣DB Pull Overs
Can be done as the picture illustrates or completely supported on a bench for beginners. This exercise is the number 1 exercise to fire up a muscle called Serratus Anterior. Don’t worry about the funny name, just know that this muscle is super important at holding your shoulder and shoulder blade in place and is a must when working on your back.

I hope this post has helped and as always, if you have any questions, drop them below

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