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🚨Decline Dumbbell Bench Proper Form🚨

🎯Target Muscle: Lower Chest

Decline Dumbbell Bench Proper Form
🚨 Decline Dumbbell Bench Proper Form

🔥 Technique  Decline Dumbbell Bench👇

The bench press is a complex coordination exercise, the position of the bench at an angle down makes its own adjustments and certain difficulties in its implementation. Therefore, it is important to comply with the correct bench press technique, which is step by step as follows.

Step number 1.

To perform the required bench with a reverse slope. Hang the required weight on the barbell and lay down on the bench, securing your legs by in the rollers. Using a hand grip at shoulder width, remove the bar from the racks. Hold it directly above the bottom of the chest. Hands should be perpendicular to the floor. This will be your starting position.

Step number 2.

While inhaling, slowly and without rocking, start lowering the barbell to the lower line of the pectoral muscles. At the lowest point, hold the weight down for 1 second, as soon as the barbell barely touches the lower part of the chest, as you exhale, push up the barbell upwardly.

Step number 3.

Repeat the specified number of times.

🔥Decline Dumbbell Bench
🔥Decline Dumbbell Bench
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