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✅ Perform 8 reps and 4 reps together.
✅ Perform 5 sets.


✅ Raises the dumbbells in front of you – is an accentuated isolated exercise for the development of the anterior bundle of the deltoid muscle. It is he who receives the main load and moves the arm forward and upward. As synergists are:

  • lateral deltoid;
  • bottom / middle of trapezium;
  • clavicular head of the pectoralis major muscle;
  • front gear muscles.
  • The role of stabilizers perform:
  1. the top of the trapezoid;
  2. the muscle lifting the shoulder blade;
  3. extensors brush.

One Dumbbell front raises

✅ Lean slightly back and and lift the dumbbell in front of you
✅ 5 sets 15 reps.

🔥One Dumbbell front raises
🔥One Dumbbell front raises

Dumbbell front raises.

❌ Do not touch dumbbell together at bottom.
✅ 5 sets 15 reps

✅ Dumbbell front raises.
✅ Dumbbell front raises.


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