The 5 Best Exercise Bands Booty Workout Guide, Benefits

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The 5 Best Exercise Bands Booty Workout

Exercise bands are the most cost-effective way to take your workout to a new level. These moves will lift your butt and give it that nice round shape.

Exercise bands
Exercise bands


Table of Contents

  1. Benefits
  2. Workout with Exercise Bands
  3. Conclusions

Train anytime, anywhere

Exercise Bands a little and portable may be store in the small travel bag. Resistance bands can fit neatly in your purse, gym bag, or pocket, it’s very compact and lightweight. Without the expensive fitness equipment and a lot of space allows you to do training and fitness at home, gym, work, or travel. Your active healthy lifestyle will be protected from limited time or place. These exercise bands are also a great gift for anyone!

Benefits Exercise Bands

Workouts with exercise bands are one of the easiest to perform, but at the same time effective. With them, you can provide both power and cardio load. Also, rubber bands are used in circuit training, which is aimed at drying the body (burning fat while maintaining muscle mass). Let’s take a look at some of the most effective elastic band exercises for the muscles of the legs and buttocks. You can make your own program out of them, including for circuit training.

Exercise bands are suitable for training legs and buttocks?

Classic latex exercise bands. They are loops with different levels of resistance, which can be easily identified by colors. In most cases, green means a load of up to 5 kg, blue – up to 7 kg, yellow – up to 11 kg, red – up to 18 kg, black – 22 kg. It is convenient to purchase bands in whole sets, but you can also buy it separately.

Workout with Exercise Bands

The following 5 exercises, with the right technique, will make your butt firm. The circle of people around you will definitely notice the changes, and you will be happy with yourself and the result.

1. Steps to the side

The exercises bands should be slightly tensioned on the legs, just below the knee.

Steps to the side
Steps to the side
  • Starting position – standing, feet hip-width apart. From this position, you need to take 2-3 steps, first in one direction, then in the other.
  • The task is to maintain movement in the abdomen, concentrate as much as possible on keeping your back straight and make movements from the hip joint.
  • Repeat 45-60 seconds, depending on the intensity and physical fitness.


2. Rear Leg Lift

Resistance bands should be on the ankle.

Leg raises
Leg raises – resistance bands
  • Starting position – legs wider than shoulders position. With one leg, you need to stretch bands and raise the leg to the back, 45 degrees.
  • Do 15-20 reps for each leg.

3. Squats

The exercise bands should remain in place.

Exercise bands squat
Exercise bands squat

Begin position – the legs are slightly wider than the pelvis. Due to the fact that the bands suppress resistance, a lot of stress is placed on the hips. It is important to monitor the position of the knees, as the elastic presses on them and they tend to the center.

The task is to keep them stationary, actively including the buttocks. Depending on the goals, you can choose the weight of an additional weighting agent (dumbbell, barbell, kettlebell, or just your own body weight). The intensity and number of repetitions of squats are selected based on the level of training.

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4. Glute Kickbacks

Fix the exercise bands to the left foot and right ankle.

Glute Kickbacks with exercise bands
Glute Kickbacks
  • Starting position on all fours. Knees under the hips. Hands under the shoulders.
  • Raise your left leg along your torso, maintaining a 90-degree angle at the knee.
  • Hold your leg at the top for 2 seconds.
  • Return your left leg to the floor.
  • Do 20 reps for each leg.

Important! The more you hold the leg at the top, the longer the muscle is in tension, which forces the gluteus muscle to work harder.

5. Glute Bridge

Fix the exercise bands just above the knees.

Glute Bridge with exercise bands
Glute Bridge
  • The starting position is lying on the fitness mat. Hands rest on the floor under the hips.
  • Begin to do the bridge without lifting the shoulder blades, only your pelvis rises up, concentration on the buttocks, feel their contraction.
  • Return slowly to the begin position.
  • Do 20 reps


Using an Exercise band, we give additional stress to the muscles of the buttocks, thighs, feet, arms, back, and even use the abs!

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