Exercise and healthy eating

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Motivation Monday – How badly do you want it???

exercise and healthy eating

Hey we are all human, there are times we have great intentions to reach our goals, set out a plan, say we are going to do something… then the day arrives and the feeling has gone and you can’t be bothered….. 💥💥

But no, its those days that really count, the days you still do what you have to do as you know you will feel much better for it, prouder and of course get the results you want. Its the days you push yourself to get up work out, exercise, eat well that is really going to make the difference, this is the difference you will see because for once you are not stopping. 💥💥

Go at those goals with all the determination and willpower you have because trust me they are so worth it. Don’t stop and give up, everyone has tried that before, and it gets them no where nearer to there goals, then we regret giving up and complain we should have kept going. 💥💥So for once we know the outcome, we know what we get if we keep going, so for once do what your gut tells you, push on forward, there is only one direction this time!💥💥
This was the method to my madness when i set out over 2 years ago to loose half my body weight through good old fashion exercise and healthy eating and boy did it work, shedding down from 127kgs to 63.5kgs in 2 years, so just know the days you keep going will get you what you want!

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