🍑How to Fast Pace Total Body

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🔥 How to Fast Pace Total Body

Complete 3-5 rounds but remember 1 is still always better than none.

Fast Pace Total Body
Fast Pace Total Body

1️⃣ Bulgarian squats x 15 each side.
💎 DR (diastasis recti/abdominal separation) & pregnancy friendly however feel free to do reverse lunges for extra stability.


2️⃣ Elbow to knee crunch + extension x 15 each side.
💎 NOT DR or pregnancy friendly, swap for side plank crunches with knee lowered to ground.

3️⃣ Burpee variation x 15.
👉🏼 These are a game changer girls!!! Stop doing burpees & swap them for this variation to avoid damaging your pelvic floor … and your sexual sensation!!!!
💎 DR friendly, NOT pregnancy friendly.

4️⃣ Side step squats x 15.
💎 DR & pregnancy friendly.

5️⃣ Squat hold cross overs x 20 alternating sides.
💎 DR friendly, NOT pregnancy friendly.


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