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▶️ What do you need to know when doing bending hands on a double block?

Remember the following technical features and nuances of implementation:👇

  • In this exercise, weight plays a role, but more important is the proper form of execution, which involves a wide range of motion, as well as trochee stretching and compression of the chest;
  • At the end point of the trajectory, when the arms already cross each other, additionally squeeze your chest and hold 1-2 counts in this state;
  • The movement should be like if you are hugging your girlfriend or boyfriend;
  • Do not use any impulse movements, do everything slowly and under control;
  • Watch the contraction of the chest, the weight should be squeezed out by them, for this, take your shoulders back and your chest forward;
  • Hands throughout the entire trajectory must move simultaneously, in the same plane and at an angle to the body;


Cable Flyes Lower Chest

Cable Flyes Lower Chest
Cable Flyes Lower Chest

🔥Variations of hands on the double block.

One of the advantages of this exercise is flexibility in terms of effects on the pectoral muscles. On one crossover, you can “hook” all pectoral segments. Depending on the position of the hands, you can load the top, middle or bottom of the chest. Variations in this case will look like this.

💥 Exercise crossover variations
How to effectively pump chest muscles with crossover exercise?


  1. A double block is an isolation work for pectoral, many people think that in principle it cannot give any significant increase in muscle mass. In fact, this is not the case; it all depends on the degree of impact on the pectoral load.
  2. Use the following two secrets to most effectively “pump” the chest in the crossover and give it a new stimulus for growth.

💪 Secret number 1. Push up superset.

  • Exercise your chest as follows. Match two exercises by performing them without stopping. First, do 25-30 classic pushups, and then about 10-15 details of the hands in the crossover. Then 45 seconds of rest and a new cycle (total of 3). Upon completion, your nursing babies will be pleasantly surprised and will definitely receive a new incentive to increase.

Various Executing Chest Exercises

Various Executing Chest Exercises
Various Executing Chest Exercises
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