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How to Build Butt
How to Build Butt


The Romanian Deadlift (RDL) is without a doubt one of the best exercises for building the muscles on the backside of the body, muscles that are critical for speed, jumping and nearly every other athletic skill


Romanian Dedlift
Romanian Dedlift


  • Stand with your feet hip-width apart, holding a barbell at thigh level. Your hands should be about shoulder-width apart.
  • Keeping your back straight, bend at your waist and sit your hips back to lower the bar.
  • Keep the bar close to your shins and lower as far as your flexibility allows.
  • Forcefully contract your glutes to extend at your hips and stand up.
  • See? It really is that simple. But unfortunately, there are some faults that hold people back from realizing the full benefits of this move.


🚨 Barbell Hip Thrust Instructions

Barbell Hip Thrust Tips
✅ Barbell Hip Thrust Tips
  1. Start in a supine position with your back on a bench and roll a barbell up to the crease of your hips.
  2. Drive both feet into the floor and squeeze your glutes while bridging your hips up.
  3. Lower your hips back to the starting position and repeat for the desired number of repetitions.

🚨 Barbell Hip Thrust Tips


  1. If just using your bodyweight, you can cross your arms in front of your chest or simply have them straight out to the sides. Utilize whichever method is more comfortable.
  2. Ensure that the lower back doesn’t arch as you extend the hip, you should focus on squeezing the glutes and slightly posteriorly tilting the pelvis.
  3. Ideally you should prioritize a straight line from your knees through your shoulders at the peak of contraction.
  4. Don’t allow the hips to drop or rotate as you bridge the hips up.
  5. Focus on exhaling as you bridge the hips up. You shouldn’t feel the movement through your lower back at all.
  6. If you can’t seem to feel your glutes activating, palpate the musculature with your hands and focus on pausing the movement at the peak of contraction.

🚨 Cable pull-through

✅ Exercise details

  • Target muscle: Gluteus Maximus
  • Synergists: Erector Spinae, Hamstrings, Adductor Magnus, Soleus
  • Mechanics: Compound
  • Force: Pull


Cable pull-through

✅ Starting position

  1. Grasp the rope attachment of a low pulley, one end in each hand, with the rubber ends making contact with your thumbs.
  2. Straddle the rope so that your back faces the pulley and the cable runs between your legs.
  3. Step forward until the rope is pulled taut, and stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.
  4. Bend your knees slightly, and flex your hips and waist until you feel a slight stretch in your hamstrings.


✅ Execution

  1. Keeping your arms straight, exhale as you stand up straight and pull the rope up through your legs.
  2. Hold for a count of two and squeeze your glutes.
  3. Inhale as you reverse the motion and lower the rope to the starting position.
  4. Repeat.
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