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Chest Supported Single-Arm Lat Pull-Downs 

In this article, we will analyze one of such exercises, namely the Single-Arm Lat Pull-Downs. Its main feature is that it perfectly “pumps” the outer contours of the broadest muscles.

How to Single-Arm Lat Pull-Downs 
How to Single-Arm Lat Pull-Downs



Technique of execution Single-Arm Lat Pull-Downs

  • Attach the D-handle to the cable of the Hammer block, take it in your hands and lie on the bench so that your hand is completely straight.
  • Take the starting position, at which your feet are fixed to the floor, and the body lies on the bench, the angle at which is 30-45 degrees,. Hold the handle with a neutral grip.
    With an isolated effort of the latissimus muscle, start pull stretching the hilt to the hip.
  • In doing so, try to retract the elbow exactly back, and the arm should be straight.
    At the end point of the exercise, take 1-2 seconds to pause and slowly return to the starting position.


How to Chest Supported Single-Arm Lat Pull-Downs
How to Chest Supported Single-Arm Lat Pull-Downs

Do 4 sets of 10-12 repetitions and rest for about 60 seconds.

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