🔥How to Deadlifts | Picture & Guide

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🚨 How to Deadlifts

How to Deadlifts
How to Deadlifts

👉The deadlift one of those exercises that you must get right or you’ll be at risk at seriously injuring yourself.

👉Many people especially young lifters want to get straight to lifting heavy things off the ground overlooking the importance of technique. Although individual difference may account, here are some generally cues:


❌Do not have your spine rounded prior to pulling;
❌Avoid jerking/bouncing the weight off the ground;
❌Do not hyperextend your lower bac;

✅Have the bar right over your mid-foot(shoulder joint over the bar);
✅Maintain a neutral spine;
✅Engage your lats and tighten your upper back prior to pulling;
✅Pull in a straight line locking out with your glutes;


Deadlifts don't broke back
Deadlifts don’t broke back

🔑Practice the technique with light weights to teach your nervous system the correct movement pattern before moving up in weight.

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