🔥How to Front Squat | Guide

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🚨 Front Squat Guide

✅ Hands down one of my favorite movements for overall quad development. ⁣

Which also happens to strengthen your erectors so you can maintain a more neutral spine positioning with other compound movements. ⁣


front squat
front squat

✅ For the front squat you want to ensure you’re maintaining a rigid torso. Otherwise, your spine will begin to round, your chest will collapse forward and the load will end up bringing you out in front of your mid-foot which makes the overall lift less efficient and effective.⁣


✅ This could increase your risk of injury. My advice would be to pick a load that you can maintain the proper positioning in the hole. This will increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the lift while reducing any potential injuries and you can build from there.⁣

Positions Knee for Squat
Positions Knee for Squat


✅ I would typically recommend using an Olympic lifting shoe to help if you have limited ankle dorsi flexion. This will allow you stay more upright and increase quad activation.⁣

To further ensure you maintain a rigid torso position I would advise to break at the knees primarily and essentially just sit down, not setting your hips back too far. But, if anything PLACING them between your legs to the degree YOUR mobility allows for. YES! Your knees can pass your toes! It’s a myth guys!⁣

✅ For grip you can use “Arms across” or “Front Rack” position: I will show this later this week.⁣


Squat exercises
Squat exercises

🚨 NOTE: Dig your traps/back and into the bar when coming off the descent and further prevent your chest from collapsing.⁣

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