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Hip Thrust, Bench Bridging

Hip Thrust, Bench Bridging
Hip Thrust, Bench Bridging

If your level of physical training is high enough, you can complicate the exercise by increasing the number of repetitions or adding an additional approach. Also you can try an advanced version of this movement, namely lifting the pelvis with a barbell. Additional burdening will give the muscles of the buttocks an increased load.

  • If you are not used to working with a barbell or making a bridge at home, use an ordinary dumbbell, weight, or other weight. Grab the selected dumbell with your hands or place it on the bottom of the abdomen. Do the exercise.
  • In order to ease the tension of the waist and avoid injuries, the gluteal bridge with dumbbells, barbell or other burdening is best done by leaning your back on the bench.

Look at the video how to properly perform Hip Thrust, Bench Bridging


Technique of execution Hip Thrust, Bench Bridging


To perform an exercise lifting the pelvis while lying down, assume the following position:

  • Lie down on a bench leaning only with his shoulders, the pelvis remains hanging in the air, the barbell or dumbbell lies on the hips;
  • Legs bend at the knees and pull as close as possible to the area of ​​the buttocks;
    Hands hold a barbell or dumbbell;
  • The feet of the legs and knees should be kept at the width of the thighs;
  • Hold the shoulders and the body firmly against the surface of the bench;
  • Slightly raise the socks, placing emphasis on the heels;
  • Start lifting the pelvis with weight;

Do the necessary number of repetitions, it must be at least 4 approaches in which there will be 12-15 reps

Hip Thrust, Bench Bridging
Hip Thrust, Bench Bridging


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