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🚨 Cable Skull Crushers – Triceps woroutk 👇

triceps workout
Triceps workout

The triceps consists of three bundles. And it is the exercises, which are designed for the integrated training of all components, will bring the expected result.
There are also basic exercises for triceps, without which it is impossible to do without. Further such exercises for the triceps will be given.

How to Cable Skull Crushers
How to Cable Skull Crushers

Technique of execution Cable Skull Crushers


  • Place a bench near the block simulator, put the position of the simulator roller in the lower position and attach the short handle;
  • Lay your back on the bench with your head in the direction of the simulator, ask to give you a bar of your partner or take it yourself but it’s slightly inconvenient, hands at the beginning of the exercise remain in a bent position;
  • Begin controllably unbend arms in elbows, without deflecting the shoulders, unbend only the arms from the elbow;
    Do the necessary number of repetitions, usually this is 4 approaches in which 10-12 exercises
How to Cable Skull Crushers
How to Cable Skull Crushers



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