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🔥 A reason why your lower back hurts during squats‼️

✅ A lot of coaches/ trainers harp on not rounding your back during during, which is very important.⁣


However, not enough watch for (or even know) that lifting with excessive APT (and hyper-extended back) can be detrimental. ⁣

The moment your pelvis tilts too far forward, you’re essentially taking your glutes and abs out of the equation and placing sheer force on your lumbar spine (you’re now hyper-extending at the low back). ⁣

🔝 You’re breaking at the spine instead of hinging at your hips. There is a very big difference. ⁣

Some of us have developed an obsession of “reaching back” for squatting. Making many people mistake breaking at the lumbar and APT for hip hinge. ⁣


Whether you’re squatting or deadlifting, a cue I personally prefer thinking off that has also helped a lot of my client is the cue “keep your ribs down”. This is done by firing the glutes and anterior core muscles.⁣

On the correct video above you see that my spine is in a neutral position and everything is locked in place. My rib cage is down, my hips are loaded and ready to extend. ⁣



🔥 This is how your spine should look during a deadlift and a squat (the back angle will vary based on the lift and squat variation -that’s a whole other post).⁣

But In both the squat and deadlift, the low back should be as neutral as possible. Some people will have a slight APT and that’s OK. ⁣

But if you have a large curve in your back ( LADIES ) while lifting, it must be corrected. Get with me if you need help with lifting technique. ⁣

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