✅How to Train Your Core | Guide

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✅How to Train Your Core

👇 Properly train all your core muscles for best results!

How to Train Your Core
How to Train Your Core

👇 You’ve probably done planks and sit ups and all that good stuff people recommend to you, but you haven’t really trained your core till you work these muscles. Most of us don’t do core exercises the right way myself included because if we do they are extremely hard. When training the core we must target all the core muscles to make sure it is working properly and we can perform our best. This means targeting all core muscles starting with the diaphragm, pelvic floor, TA, internal/external oblique’s and the RA. Unfortunately we often only target the superficial RA (rectus abdominis) to give us chiseled abs but that is only the surface of core training. Here are some beginning core progression exercises that you might benefit from.


Train Your Core
Train Your Core

The first one is diaphragmatic breathing, a lot of us don’t breathe properly this causes our diaphragm to not function as it normally should because it is under used. To train yourself to breathing normally like you used to when you were a baby lay on a flat surface with your knees slightly bent. Place either your hand or a object like a ball on your stomach, and begin to inhale deeply through your nose, focusing on inflating your stomach the ball/hand should rise. Once that is done exhale forcefully through your mouth contracting the core muscles. Do this for a few min but be careful as you might get dizzy so gauge how this makes you feel.

The next exercise will help you gain control of your deep core muscles which you may have forgotten how to use. Performing the vacuum or draw in method is done by sucking in the stomach back as you’re trying to move it towards your spine and holding it as much as possible. This exercise helps activate the deep muscles that are used to increase intra-abdominal pressure. In combination with this you can incorporate kegal squeezes (guys too) these exercises help strengthen the pelvic floor and get it to work with the other core muscles.

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