I’ve lost -234lbs & he’s lost -58lbs

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Burn calories and lose weight!

burn calories and lose weight

We started our journey January 1, 2016 as a New Years Resolution. I’ve lost -234lbs & he’s lost -58lbs for a total of 292lbs together!

We traded in our lazy nights on the couch, eating terrible foods & binge watching netflix for the gym & healthy meals.

Losing weight is hard & even harder when those you love don’t support you. I’m one lucky girl to have someone who always loved me no matter what size & saw who I could be.

We now have a more adventurous relationship & can do more active things together such as hiking, walking, bike riding, etc. This journey has brought us closer together & we have changed our lives as well as the lives of our children one day.

We’re looking forward to a much longer future together & are still working hard on our goals daily. Surround yourself with those who see the greatness in you, even when you don’t see it yourself.

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