How I Lost Weight – Before and After Success Stories

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How I Lost Weight – Before and After Success Stories

I lost weight – minus 15 kg in 4 months – personal experience.

How I Lost Weight - Before and After Success Stories
Before and After Success Stories


My Lost Weight Success Stories

According to the minus 60 system, many lose weight, and I am no exception. The main plus is that you can eat whatever you want until 12 noon. Even sweets, ice cream, sausage, and so on. And then need strict restrictions.

All my life I was fat, and I so wanted to be sporty and pumped up guy, or at least athletic, so that the girls would look back and pay at least a little attention to me. As the years passed, I kept getting fat and fat, and could no longer look at myself in the mirror, tried different diets, they worked, and when I returned to my normal lifestyle, I gained much more than what was I Lost.

When I reach 100 kg, I had to go to the wedding of my friend. You have no idea how the wedding video impressed me. I looked just awful. And in the end, I decided: that’s enough, I must be Lost Weight.

After all, I’m a young guy, and I look like a forty-year-old man. I was very ashamed to go out, and even more so to appear in public places, and I began to spend more time at home. I sat on the Internet trying to find something suitable for myself. But there were only different diets, from which the weight gradually returns, I already went through this.

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Many go in for fitness, and do not limit themselves in food and lose weight very well. I tried this method too, started running in the morning, doing some exercises, and stopped eating after six in the evening, but that was not enough. Every two weeks I took a control measurement, and the video from my friend’s wedding reminded me not to back down. Then I decided to choose food for myself. I was greatly impressed by the minus 60 system and the photos of girls and guys who lost 40-50 kg each without special diets.

The most important thing is that you can eat everything until midday without reducing portions.

Diet Methods

  1. On this system, three meals a day.
  2. Snacks are not allowed here.
  3. For lunch, any method of cooking, except fried. If lunch is before two in the afternoon, then you can have one teaspoon of ketchup or mayonnaise.
  4. For lunch, the combination of products is certain. It must be remembered that meat and fish cannot be combined with potatoes, but only with cereals or vegetables.

For dinner, you can only specific, choose one of the options:

  • Fruit + milk
  • Vegetables + fruits
  • Fruits + cereals
  • Vegetables + milk
  • Vegetables + cereals
  • Meat or fish, as an independent dish without a side dish
  • Cheese + creeps + milk.

But dinner must be before six in the evening, and after that, you can drink only green tea and water. After four months on this system, I lost 15 kg and I’m very happy about that.

I have a little over 20 kg left to my ideal image. Therefore, I am still working on myself and my body. So you found out how I lost weight and my lose diet system, you want to try it in order to start losing weight too, let’s do it.

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