How long did it take you: 4 months

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How long did it take you: 4 months

How long did it take you: 4 months!

-Height: 5’3 and  a bit (163cm)

-Weight before: 65kg /143 pounds

-Weight after: 55kg/ 121 pounds

Waist Before: 34inches  -Waist after: 27 inches !!!   *I know this might seem quite average for some of you but I have dropped 2/3 trouser sizes which is thrilling if I’m honest 🙂

-How long did it take you: 4 months

-Exercise: Running 4 times a week, starting at 1km and now all the way at 6.5km, yoga everyday for 20 minutes, zumba and ballet once a week, circuits 3 times a week, ALL Jillian Michaels video’s ever.

– Diet: No sweets, chocolate, crisps etc for the first 6 weeks of initial weight loss, then began allowing in a few treats and concentrating on healthy, wholesome food, which cut out white carbs, sugary drinks and trying to eat more protein (usually a 1200 calorie or more eating day with 200-600 burned every day)

I am very happy and much more healthy then before, and I hope to get that flat stomach I have always dreamed of 🙂 I am currently helping my sister start her weight loss journey and so I’m working through 2 of Jillians workouts a day with her- to all of you who are on your journey – goodluck!

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