🍑Lower Body Cable Workouts | Guide

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🔥 Lower Body Workouts

💥 The great thing about lower body cable workouts is you can do a variety of exercises to target the glutes from all angles!

Lower Body Workouts
Lower Body Workouts

1⃣ SLD into Pulse Squat
This will work you glutes and hamstrings together so focuses on your ‘under booty’ area. Keep your back straight and remember to keep your head in line with your back too when lowering down into the SLD.


2⃣ Kneeling Glute Pull Through
Great one to target the glutes and take pressure off the legs. Push bum back and then thrust forwards squeezing the glutes hard.

3⃣ Kick Back Pulses
Remember to lower yourself into this to keep your back straight. The pulses keep more tension on the muscle and by the end of the 30 pulses you’ll be feeling it 🔥

10 Min Butt Firming Workout
10 Min Butt Firming Workout


4⃣ Sumo Front Squats
Wide stance with toes pointing outwards. This will hit the glutes and adductor muscles (inner thighs). Possible for knees to start caving in on this move so just focus on pushing your knees out when lowering into the squat.

5⃣ Side Kicks
A great one to hit the side of the glutes giving it that lovely round shape. I place my hand on my side to help with keeping my back stable throughout. Keep weight low for a better range of motion.

6⃣ Crab Walk into Pulses
The idea here is to do as many crab walks as you can until the burn feels too much and you want to stop. THEN… go into the pulse squats and keep doing them until failure.


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