My life with my weight!

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I have struggled almost all my life with my weight.

life with my weight

When I was 27 my Doctors told me I was literally living inside a 50 yr olds body with all of my weight related ailments.

     I went home that night and put my 8 & 6yr old boys to bed and cried myself to sleep.

I so desperately wanted to watch them grow up and have them remember me as being active in their lives instead of the moody mom who never wanted to leave the house. The next day I made the choice to change my life.

    It has been over 9 1/2 yrs now, and I have successfully kept off over 150 lbs & have added back many years to my life due to the healthy lifestyle change. I have spent countless hours enjoying my boys youth while also enjoying mine & my health.

     My boys are now a sophomore in HS & a freshman in college & they are still my WHY in everything I do. I hope to inspire at least 1 person daily through my social media posts! I love when people tell me I’m an inspiration & have helped make a difference in their lives, it’s the most rewarding feeling ever!

My past is a part of me, but it will never define me

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