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🚨 Powering Your Thighs & Hips – Walking Lunges

✅Muscles that are involved in Walking Lunges

  • Biceps hips
  • Buttocks
  • Back
  • Quadriceps
Powering Your Thighs & Hips
✅ Powering Your Thighs & Hips

🔥 Lunges – this is a kind of squats, in which you put one leg forward, and the second is pulled back. Most of the load from performing wide and deep attacks is received by the gluteus maximus, and in the exercise the quadriceps and the biceps of the thighs also carry the load. Lunges help to strengthen and shape the muscle volumes of both the outer and inner thighs, as well as the buttocks.


Walking Lunges
🔥 Walking Lunges

🚨 Technique Executing

  1. Take a big step forward, but leave the torso straight. To do this, leave the left leg straight and bend the right angle of 90 degrees. With such a stand, special attention should be paid to the knee of the right leg – it should not go beyond the sock.
  2. Transfer the center of gravity to the front right leg and tighten the back of the thigh with the glutes.


  1. The knee of the left leg should be located a couple of centimeters from the floor, but not touch it, otherwise the whole point of the exercise is lost.
  2. Return to the starting position should be carried out only by the force of the right front leg.
  3. Then go down again until you almost touch the floor with your knee and get up again.
  4. After performing the required number of repetitions, change the legs and repeat the approaches, so that the posterior surface of the thigh and the buttock “pumping” in the same way.

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