🔥Pull ups vs Chin ups | Guide

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🚨 Pull ups vs Chin ups

✅ A pull up/ chin up is one of the best strength exercises you can do. One or the other (or a lat pulldown) is likely to be in most training plans in some form. Regardless of their similarities, there is actually a few distinct differences between the two. There are also pros and cons of both.


Pull ups vs Chin ups
Pull ups vs Chin ups

✅ The most notable difference is the grip (as seen in picture). The pull up revolves around the overhand (pronated) grip. Whereas the chin up involves the use of the underhand (supinated grip).


✅ Differences in the movement – Both exercises occur in a vertical pulling movement plane, and they both primarily target the back (the lats mainly) and biceps. However they do so slightly differently. Pull ups use shoulder adduction, meaning the shoulders come down and back from the sides. Chin ups use shoulder extension, where the elbows come down and back from the front. This basically means that the lats are trained in a slightly different way.

How to Pull ups vs Chin ups
✅ How to Pull ups vs Chin ups

Differences in strength/ muscles worked – Chin ups activate a little more bicep as they are in a stronger line of pull. This means most people are usually stronger at these compared to pull ups. Pull ups put the biceps in a slightly weaker position but may hit the lats a little harder as a result. The width of your grip plays a role in this also. Narrower = more biceps, Wider = less biceps.


Differences in safety and comfort – Both are safe (if done correctly) like all exercises. Que the people who say deadlifts are bad for your back. It would be advisable not to do pull ups or a lat pull down with the bar tracking down behind your head. Not the best move for the majority of peoples shoulder health. Also a very wide grip is not advisable. Wide grip does not equate to wide lats. It just means a reduced range of motion and higher probability of shoulder issues.


How to Pull Ups
✅ How to Pull Ups


Which is better? Neither. They are just different. My advice would be to play around with different grips widths and variations to find which ones feel good for you and your body. Regardless, some sort of vertical pulling movement should be included within your workout routines.

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