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🔥SERRATUS ANTERIOR Training and Developement


❎ The serratus anterior place an important role in scapular stabilization and can often be overlooked when training. Its function is to protract the scapula, stabilize it and assist in upward rotation. It is known as the punchers muscles because of its role in protracting the scapula during a punch. Strengthening it can often be hard as isolating it can be hard as well as feeling it work.



❎ Serratus exercises vary in activation of the serratus muscle itself and the agonist muscles. For beginners it may be useful to use an exercise that has low agonist activity to help focus on the activation of the serratus. While more aware individuals may benefit from the higher activation exercises like the Dynamic hug. It is important to perform exercises that also incorporate a more functional movement that includes other agonist as well like the scaption exercise.

These are the more common exercises that target the serratus anterior. It is useful to train this muscle for scapular stability which can help with performance and shoulder health. When performing these exercises you want to look for a tight feeling under the armpit and lat area which is where you should be feeling the exercises if performed correctly. Fun fact the name serratus means saw in Latin. ⠀
Which serratus exercise is your favorite? If you want to learn more about scapular stability check out my ebook which covers it in the last chapter.

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