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🔥 Standing Calf Raise – this is the basic exercise in bodybuilding, aimed at the development of gastrocnemius muscles. This exercise is usually performed in a special simulator, which allows you to fix your body in a certain plane (hence, the trajectory is set, you just have to make ups and downs on the socks)


💪 Technique of execution CALF RAISE 👇

  1. Track the position of your feet – your feet should stand firmly on your front. Depending on the stiffness of the grip of your sole with the bottom platform, you can change the location of the feet (but do not get on the simulator with your fingers only). In general, the most important thing is that your heel part can freely move along the entire amplitude of motion without any obstacles.
Technique of execution CALF RAISE
Technique of execution CALF RAISE


  1. Hold hands for special handles (if you work on the simulator), well, and accordingly hold your hands for the bar (if you work in the simulator of Smith).
  2. During the exercise, your legs should be slightly bent at the knee joint (slightly, this does not mean that you have to bend them specially) – this will help to avoid injuries. It is also necessary to keep the back straight, slightly bent at the waist (this is vital, as in all exercises). The shoulder belt is as much as possible fixed and tense.
  3. You can also vary the load between the medial and lateral head of the calf muscle. The stress of the load depends on your turn of the foot (inside or out).


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