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 Kneeling Squats Proper Form – description and technique

Squatting on the knees – is a fairly rare exercise for the development of the hips and buttocks. It is used in weightlifting and powerlifting for additional work on the lower phase of squatting with a barbell. Exercise allows not only unaccustomed load of large muscles, but also affect the small muscles, which, as a rule, are not given proper attention.

Kneeling Squats Proper Form - description and technique
Kneeling Squats Proper Form – description and technique

Kneeling Squats Proper Form – should be carefully and carefully. This is due to the fact that a fairly high load falls on the spine, namely on its lower part. If the technique is violated, you can easily injure your lower back. To reduce the likelihood of injury, it is worth to gradually reach the working weight during 2-3 warm-up approaches.

How to Kneeling Squats Proper Form
How to Kneeling Squats Proper Form

Technique of execution Kneeling Squats Proper Form

  • First, prepare the barbell of the desired weight. Go down on your knees and place the barbell just below the neck, on the trapezius muscles. It is better to do sit-ups in the rack simulator or ask your partner to help. The shins should be parallel to each other, the knees should be slightly wider than the shoulders. Put the foot socks tightly on the floor. Advanced athletes can pull socks. Slightly bend the back in the lower back and fix the position. You can not bend your back during the whole exercise. Look in front of you.
  • Slowly drop down to 2-3 score until the buttocks reach the level of the upper part of the calves, and the hips will not be parallel to the floor. In doing so, you should feel a good stretch of the gluteal muscles.
  • Do not stay below, return to the starting position. Keep the deflection in the lower back. In total, you can do 10-15 repetitions in the approach. It is desirable that the last repetition is carried out almost to failure. Do not forget about warm-up approaches
Kneeling Squats Proper Form
Kneeling Squats Proper Form

Do 3-4 approaches in which about 10-12 repetitions

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