💪Stop Training Forearms!

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🔥 Stop Training Forearms

Stop Training Forearms
Stop Training Forearms

✅ The forearms have a lot of muscles in them responsible for wrist, elbow and finger movement. The issue that we have is that a lot of us have tight forearms (myself included), this is from regular life and training. Your hands are your connecting point to most of your resistance during exercises for back, arms, chest, shoulder, even leg training.


✅ Because of that they see a tremendous amount of use, this makes them stronger but also chronically tight. Think about it, when you’re doing a bicep curl ALL that weight your bicep lifts has to be supported by the wrist flexors. That constant use causes the muscles to tighten up, the last thing you want to do is add more tension to them.

✅ For this reason you’ll notice a lot of the bodybuilders or regular athletes have underdeveloped forearm muscles. An overactive muscle doesn’t mean it’s working out more therefore will be bigger. Tight forearms can also inhibit the bicep from working properly and decrease the benefit of your workouts, for arms as well as back. Tight forearms can also prevent you from squatting properly as they won’t allow for proper hand placement.


Training Forearms
Training Forearms


✅ What you need to be doing instead, is releasing the tension of the muscles through muscle releases and stretching. Stretching the forearms should include the flexors, extensors, supinators (brachioradialis) there are a variety of stretches out there. You’ll notice the difference in how your wrists feel as well, if you get constant popping and clicking in them this may help.

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