🔥Success Story Photos | Weight Loss

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🔥 Success Story Photos – Weight Loss 

🔥 Wanting share with you all again that it’s important to love yourself regardless of your size.

✅ I loathed how I looked on the left, and yes that is ME in both pictures. I was insecure, I compared my self to other women, constantly put myself down and never felt good enough, I’d rather be caught dead than seen in a swimsuit. The difference now other than the obvious is that I’m in a different mindset.


✅ I’m not saying that you will be happier on the opposite spectrum but I think it’s important to have a positive relationship between your mind and your body first and foremost at whatever size you may be.
Also just a side note- I’m beyond grateful for the love and support from half a milli of you🙀! I love hearing your stories, you are the reason why I do what I do 💛🌻

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