🔥The Cable Face-Pull

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🚨 The Cable Face-Pull Guide

✅ Anotha rear delt staple in my routines!

✅ The cable face-pull is a solid exercise when done correctly. A little easier to perform compared to the reverse pec fly machine.


The Cable Face-Pull
The Cable Face-Pull

✅ I place the cable slightly above my forehead and either use a double rope or two handles. Keep your elbows high and the range of motion should be the first 2/3 of the full range of motion (i.e. don’t pull all the way to your forehead). This will start to target your traps, when the idea is to keep constant tension on the rear delts

🚨 Cable Face Pull Overview


✅ The cable face pull is a great shoulder exercise that can be used to target the rear deltoids. Not many exercises can effectively target the rear delts like the cable face pull can.

✅ The rear delt is often a lagging muscle group for many lifters and weak rear delts can result in poor posture, thus performing the cable face pull (or other rear delt exercises) is highly recommended.

✅ Add the cable face pull exercise in your body part split on either shoulder or back day, on your upper day during your upper/lower splits, or on your pull day for push/pull/leg splits.

The Cable Face-Pull Guide
The Cable Face-Pull Guide


🚨 Cable Face Pull Tips

  1. If you find yourself leaning back or arching your back as you pull, utilize a half kneeling stance.
  2. As you pull, ensure the elbows stay high and the rope remains at eye level.
  3. Focus on contracting the rear delts and ensure you don’t jut the head forward to meet the rope.
  4. Ensure you set the cable at face height rather than at the top of the machine as this may over recruit the lats and negate some of the scapular upward rotation benefits.
  5. Don’t rely upon momentum, keep the motion smooth and controlled from start to finish.
  6. If no rope attachment is available, you can still complete the exercise using 2 regular handles or a band.


Cable Face Pull Tips
Cable Face Pull Tips


✅ Cable Face Pull Instructions

  1. Assume a split stance with the arms straight out in front of you utilizing a pronated grip.
  2. Inhale and pull the rope towards your face with the elbows high.
  3. Slowly lower the rope back to the starting position and repeat for the desired number of repetitions on both sides.
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