Thoracic Mobility Mistakes | Guide

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🚨 Thoracic Mobility Mistakes 👇

 Thoracic Mobility Mistakes 
 Thoracic Mobility Mistakes 

✅ Have you been trying to improve your thoracic mobility, but it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere? Here are a few mistakes you may be doing when it comes to T-mobility exercises. These mistakes can transfer to most exercises as the movements are relatively the same.
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🔥 The first mistake when is with rotational exercises, is not seating on your feet if it is a quadruped exercise. Sitting back on your feet will help you lock your lumbar from excessive movement to ensure that your rotation is coming form the thoracic spine. Next, is not engaging your obliques this goes for any rotation exercises. The point of these exercises is to rotate at the thoracic spine, however when the core is lax it makes it easy to compensate and start to rotate at the lumbar spine and the thoracolumbar junction. Lastly is keeping your eyes on a fixed point on your arm. When rotating many people will keep their gaze somewhere not on there body this causes the cervical spine to rotate less compared to the thoracic which we want to avoid, but rather rotate as one unit.
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  • The next mistake is with thoracic extension exercises, specifically on the foam roller. The three most common mistakes people will do with this exercise are;
  • First one is not keeping the butt down to the ground. When the butt lifts of the ground it turns into a seesaw effect moving the whole body on the rotating point instead of the thoracic spine.

The next is not keeping the core slightly engaged, you don’t want your ribs to flare out completely when doing this exercise, there should be some control over the depth you’re going into. Lastly, the biggest mistake IMO is not locking your elbows together, it is crucial to have the hands placed behind the neck and locked at the elbow. This locks the cervical spine in place and removes compensation from cervical extension instead of thoracic.

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