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– 👉🏻Assisted Pull Ups

✅ Neutral Grip.
✅ Perform 3-4 Sets: 8-10 Reps.

Assisted Pull Ups
Assisted Pull Ups

🚨 Performance technique:

Despite the apparent simplicity, the exercise has its own characteristics. Step-by-step execution technique is as follows.


✳️ Step #1

  • Approach the horizontal bar and grab it with a straight grip at shoulder width. Hang on the horizontal bar, legs crossed below. This is your starting position.

✳️ Step # 2

  • Inhale deeply and as you exhale (with an exact, isolated effort, lower your elbows down), start tightening your torso in the crossbar until it touches the top of the chest. At the top point, linger on 1-2 counts and additionally reduce the shoulder blades.

✳️ Step # 3

  • When inhaling, begin to straighten the arms and slowly drag the body down. Repeat the specified number of times.

– 👉🏻 Dumbbell lying overhead lat pull down

✅ Chin tucked down.
✅ Perform 4-5 sets: 8-10 reps.

Dumbbell lying overhead lat pull down
Dumbbell lying overhead lat pull down

💥 Technique exercises from the starting position “lying on the bench” is as follows:

  • It is necessary to lie on the bench completely, the dumbbell is held by the grip “lock” or one hand on the other in front of you;
  • When lying down, the bench touches the back of the head, shoulder blades, buttocks;
    Feet steadily stand on the floor;


  • Hands hold a dumbbell on the chest line;
  • Due to the work in the shoulder joints, you need to lower the projectile behind the head;
  • Contraction of the broadest muscles, return the dumbbell to the chest plane;
  • Perform the required number of repetitions.

– 👉🏻Pull-ups

✅ Perform assisted pull-ups if needed.
✅ Perform 4-5 sets: 8-10 reps.


💥 Several groups of muscles of the back, chest, abdomen, shoulder girdle are activated at once, namely:


  • trapezius, round and rhomboid, latissimus, extensor muscles of the back;
  • small and large pectoralis;
  • all types of abdominal muscles;
  • biceps, triceps;
  • humeral, back deltoid and numerous muscles of a forearm.
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