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Training for pregnant women!

During pregnancy a woman has to give up many things to which she is accustomed, and in front of her even more tangible changes are awaiting. But, as most of us know, pregnancy is not a disease, and if it runs without complications, you can try to keep the usual way of life – for example, to continue to practice your favorite sport. But this issue requires a special approach.

Can you do it?

The first step is consulting with your obstetrician-gynecologist. Only he, having weighed all the pros and cons, can competently answer this question.

Training for pregnant women


The gym is a traumatic zone. And not only because a dumbbell can fall on a foot. The fact is that training on simulators is a very big load on the joints, especially if you do not follow certain safety rules.

First you need to “fit” the simulator for yourself (raise the seat to the desired height, choose weight, etc.), then take the correct starting position and, finally, make sure that the axis of your movements on the simulator lies in a strictly defined plane. The instructor will help you to understand all these nuances.

During pregnancy, the joints become even more vulnerable. In the body, the production of a hormone called relaxin increases, which softens the pelvic ligaments and allows them to stretch elastically: this is necessary for normal delivery. The only problem is that relaxin acts on any ligamentous tissue, including the ligaments of elbows, knees, shoulders. Therefore, your usual weight may be risky for weakened ligaments – you may get injured. So the simulator should be set to a lower weight: it should not exceed 60% of the weight with which you were engaged before pregnancy. For the same reason, you need to give up classes with free weights and stretching exercises.

Exercise for pregnant women is an important part of keeping the shape after giving birth!

The main part of the lesson is devoted directly to training on simulators. It lasts no more than 15-20 minutes. Remember that your main goal is to preserve the result achieved earlier.

For this purpose the following scheme is best suited: two or three series of 10 repetitions with a weight not more than 60% of your normal working weight.

The first block of exercises – the muscles of the front surface of the thigh:

  • bring legs
  • bending leg

2nd block of exercises – hamstring muscles:

  • flexion of legs;
  • reduction of legs:
  • The third block of exercises – the widest back muscles:

thrust of the top block behind the head;

4 th block of exercises – pectoral muscles:

  • reduce hand , sitting on the simulator;

5th block of exercises – deltoid muscles:

  • bench press sitting on the simulator;
  • dilution of hands through the sides, sitting on the simulator;

6th block of exercises: biceps and triceps hands:

  • traction of the upper block with a straight handle;
  • Extension of arms in the crossover (multifunction block simulator in the form of a vertical frame).


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