Weight Health

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I TRAINED my BRAIN to think myself thin and cure my emotional eating habits 😅
Having tried EVERY diet, plan and pill on the planet… it was time to get real.
I knew it was my thoughts that were ruling EMOTIONAL relationship with my food that was keeping me stuck 🤦‍♀️- swallowing my emotions down with a swig of coke, thinking I should eat whatever to cheer myself up 😔
I’d get angry and want to eat. 🍫🍪🍨
I’d be upset and want to eat.🍟🍕🍔
I’d be bored and want to eat.🥐🍦🍞
Not until I learned how to detach myself from these emotions and learn to love myself in a whole new way did I begin a new relationship with food 👉🥒🥕🥗
Learning about the minds capacity to change I now THINK differently about food. I am free from its control and funnily enough I LOVE 💗food now more than ever before! The difference 💁I feel effortlessly in control, I’m guided by my BODY and not my EMOTIONS

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