Weight Loss success stories

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-392lbs 👇 combined since 1/1/16!

The girl on the left had no idea that in just a few hours she would be proposed too. She struggled to walk onto the beach to see the sunset where told her how much he loved her & asked her to be his wife. He didnt care that she weighed 485lbs.

He didnt care that people didnt understand why he chose her. He didnt care that she wasnt a fitness model and was plus size.

He loved her no matter what shape, size, or flaws & never asked her to change. He supported her goals & dreams & loved her for who she was – no matter what size. He saw who she could be before she even saw the greatness within herself.

To be his wife is a gift and i’m lucky to have someone who pushes me daily. Together we are unstoppable and well never go back to the life we lived before. We may have lost 392lbs, but we gained a life. We all deserve someone who loves us for our heart – not our size.

We are all beautiful despite a number on the scale & no one should make us feel any less. Surround yourself with those who lift you higher & see the greatness in you even when you dont see it yourself!

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