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Body transformation!

body transformation

This post is proven incredible difficult for me to write. I’m so emotional over what God has done in my life. Ten years ago, as I approached 30 years of age, I was diagnosed with a lung disease .

The disease itself is treatable, but my obesity complicated the disease to such an extent that I actually died 3 times. When I share my story people tell me I am a survivor, but that simply just isn’t true.

My own choices caused my obesity which nearly cost me my life. God is good and his is sufficient. God healed me of my lung disease, and my doctor informed me if I didn’t loose weight I would most certainly die soon.

That was 10 years ago and an eating addiction is hard to overcome. Through countless tears, many ups and downs, and lots of studying. I learned to eat all , found that I love working out, and overall how to properly care for my body. No weight loss surgery, no potions, pills, or shakes.

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