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How to Pull the T-bar to the belt

The pull of the T-Bar – is a fairly old and incredibly effective basic exercise that allows you to perfectly work out a wide range of back muscles.




The pull of the T-shaped bar provides an opportunity to work:

  • Rear beams deltoid muscles;
  • Diamond-shaped; Subacute;
  • Trapezoidal;
  • Long extensors;
  • Large round muscles of the back;
  • The largest back, which is the main load.


T-shaped bar
T-shaped bar

In addition to the biceps and forearms, which take an active part in the performance of this exercise, the hips, pectoral muscles and the press are also involved in the work. The pull of the T-bar allows not only to develop the musculature of the back, but also to improve posture. The high efficiency of the exercise is not in the least achieved thanks to a comfortable grip, which significantly reduces the risk of injury and increases the burden on various parts of the back.


Executing Exercise Pull the T-bar

Stand up in such a way that the bar is located between the legs, the feet are securely fixed, and the legs are bent at the knees. It is important to straighten the shoulders and “pull out” the chest, while keeping the deflection in the waist. To maintain the correct position of the back, it is worth keeping your head slightly elevated.

  1. Having taken the initial position, you need to grasp the handles at the shoulder width level.
  2. Having removed the bar from the simulator or tearing it off the floor, it is necessary to inhale, after which, on exhalation, pull it to the chest area. The elbows should be in the immediate vicinity of the body.
  3. When the top point is reached, it is necessary to linger in it literally for one second. Then the bar gradually descends on inspiration to the starting position.


Unbending elbows at the lowest point is completely unambiguous, since a significant part of the load in this case will pass from the back muscles to the biceps muscles of the arms and forearms. Lowering is carried out slowly, lifting the rod is much faster. Since T-bar thrust is a basic exercise, it is recommended to do it at the very beginning of the workout after a 10-15 minute warm-up and warm-up of the joints

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